Sitges Beach, Sitges Yacht Club and Church of San Bartolomé and Santa Tecla

Sitges Beach


Just a 2 minutes walk. Sitges is known for having different beaches and each one better than the other. The nearest one is located only 110 meters away. The beaches of Sitges are known for having calm waters and fine sand. They provide everything you could need for a rest day on the beach: beach bars, restrooms and rentals for beach umbrella and sun loungers…

Sitges Yacht Club


It is located 110 meters away or a 2 minutes walk. The Nautical Club of Sitges is in one of the town’s most beautiful places, between the Church of San Bartolomé and the Church of Santa Tecla. A nautical club where you can join the sailing school and enjoy sailing with your family and friends.

Church of San Bartolomé and Santa Tecla


Just a 1 minute walk away. It is one of the most characteristic places of Sitges. It was built in the 17th century, but had to go through some modifications in later years. Its construction began in the year 1665, but it was only blessed in 1672. It is a Baroque temple with modifications in later years. It stands out by having a parochial organ, dated in the year 1699.

Museum of the Maricel, Museum of the Cau Ferrat and Palau de Maricel


They are located just 2 minutes walk from our stay.

The Cau Ferrat Museum was founded in 1893 by the artist Santiago Rusiñol. This building began as a house-workshop and later became a public museum in 1933, preserving the artistic spirit. In it you can find artistic collections such as paintings, pottery, forged art, glass and sculpture… that mix with the modern art of Picasso, Rusiñol and Casas … A place you cannot miss.

In the Museum of Maricel you will find works from the 10th century to the realism and sculptures of the first half of the 20th century. The collections belong to Dr. Jesús Pérez-Rosales and to the Villa de Sitges.

The Palau de Maricel is one of the most important and emblematic buildings in Sitges. It is also called “Maricel de Terra”, to differentiate itself from the Maricel Museum. The Palau currently has several functions: in one hand it is the site of institutional and cultural events; On the other hand, it is used to host business events or civil weddings; the Palau also has guided tours (the terrace, cloister, different rooms…).

Romantic Museum

Open as a museum in 1949, the Romantic Museum or Can Llopis, has various objects, pieces of art and furniture with the reflection of life, full of attention to detail, during the Romanticism in the nineteenth century. It is located at 500m, about 7min walking.

Fonollar Street

One of the tourists’ favourite streets for its white buildings and houses and it is just 100 meters away. It is located between San Sebastián beach and the Promenade, at the top of the crag. It is in this small street where you can find some of the museums of Sitges, such as the Mirador del Mediterráneo. Do not miss the corner of calmness either.


Port Alegre Street and Sant Sebastián Beach

In around 4 minutes walking, you can find one of the most busy and characteristic streets of Sitges. It is the promenade of the Playa de San Sebastián, in which you can relax by having a drink or having dinner in any of its typical restaurants of the area.

Just a 4 minutes walk away. It is one of the most welcoming beaches of Sitges. Although it is somewhat small, it has its charm. It is a place for people who want peace and quiet. A perfect corner to rest. It has everything needed to disconnect: calm waters, fine sand, beach bars, and bathrooms… a very special place.

Bastion and Vidal i Quadras Square


It is the building where our rooms are. One of the most emblematic places of Sitges. It is the only place that has a balcony right above the sea to enjoy the beautiful sunsets of Sitges. The house has elements of an ancient medieval castle from the 14th century. In the square, where this building is located, you can find the sculpture “Postcard of Sitges”, by Joan Iriarte. A place that leaves nobody indifferent and be warn, you might fall in love with it.


House Bacardí Sitges and House of the Village of Sitges (Town Hall)

House Bacardí Sitges

Less than a 4 minutes walk away, you will find this curious building with a great history. Immerse yourself in the history of Don Facundo Bacardí, the founder of one of the most prestigious rum brands. Discover the secrets of Bacardi and see how it’s made. In addition, you can taste different cocktails with this rum and take cocktail courses.

House of the Town of Sitges (Town Hall)


Less than 3 minutes walking, you will find the house of the Vila de Sitges, in the town’s square. Its construction began in August of 1888 under the command of Salvador Vinyals, although the first project of the Casa de la Vila was the work of Adrià Casademunt and was dated in 1870. The style of this building is Catalan civil Gothic and it is in the main facade where that stands out.

The Sitges “Gay friendly” and Sitges shopping area

Major street and Sant Francesc

Sitges welcomes everyone


Sitges is one of the most famous places in Spain for gay people. That is why Sitges has become the first gay touristical destination in Spain. The streets are very picturesque, colorful and filled with bars, pubs, restaurants and shops dedicated to them. If you want to know and enjoy these streets we recommend Carrer Primer de Maig, Carrer Bonaire and Carrer de Joan Tarrida.

Sitges shopping area: Major and Sant Francesc streets


A 3-4 minute walk away from our stay. The commerce is one of the fundamental pieces of Sitges, since you can find from the typical craft shop to high quality international brands stores. Although the vast majority of them are family-owned shops that are very close to each other and differ from the usual shops in any city. In these shops you can buy typical products of the land, clothes for women, men or children, accessories, and you can find bars to rest and replenish your energie, shops of technological and phone related products. The main streets that comprise the commercial area of ​​Sitges are: Carrer Major and Carrer Sant Francesc. That’s all under “What to do in Sitges”, hope you like all these places and will go there to have fun.